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If you know nothing about the stock market but do want to start trading you should study broker courses first. And here you will find the best courses.

Many people already have their eyes on the exchanges, but never take the first step. People have doubts, often due to their lack of knowledge. A deeper study of the subject helps to overcome these barriers. We will teach you how to get started in trading, how to succeed and how to improve your skills.

It is important to understand that theory alone is not enough for your success. Trading experience is indispensable. To better assimilate the course information, you should think about it, sift through and ask follow-up questions. Ask the traders around you and form your own opinion on how to behave in the stock market. We will help you at every stage so that you you are sure of yourself in the stock trading field.

You will learn what steps you need to take to save your fortune and increase your assets through the market.


With the help of practicing stock brokers and mentors you identify and fill gaps in your knowledge and learn all the nuances and tricks of trading you did not know about.


To be successful, you need to be better today than you were yesterday. This means enriching yourself with knowledge and delving into the subject, and we will help you to do it.


What we do?

How to choose the right place to study? It is no secret that education has long been a business. And some unscrupulous representatives of the education system set themselves the task not to teach, but to teach as long as possible, while the client has money. But it’s definitely not about us.

We are a team of professional traders, who use the knowledge we teach themselves. And it gives us pleasure to convey this knowledge, to educate others and help them improve their lives.

Our team are professionals who take their job seriously. We teach both the basics of stock trading and analyze the markets using various tools, conduct in-depth technical, fundamental, computer analysis and apply the tools in practice.

Successful traders are persistent people. And we are happy to grow professionals from ones.

Our Courses Overview

It’s no secret that it is professionals who make money in the stock market. These are banks, funds, private investors. All of you read newspapers and watch TV, all of you know about them – Soros, Buffett. But how do they do it? To start making money in the market, you need to put aside your doubts, develop discipline and gain knowledge in this area.

State educational institutions do not train traders. You can get an economic or legal education, which, of course, is useful, but not a specialized one.

Our courses at the same time provide a comprehensive approach, combining both theory and practical skills, and at a more reasonable price. This allows you to better understand complex material than if you only read about it in books or articles, and it will also be cheaper than individual lessons with brokers.

How to work with personal finance, how the securities market works, how to start investing, how to succeed – courses from Dexia Crypto will teach you all this, in plain language and substantially.

Are you willing to learn and gain experience? Are you ready to manage your emotions and yourself? If yes, then you have certain chances to achieve success in trading. Of course, if you make every effort and study every day. With us, you will enjoy learning and, subject to the efforts made, you will definitely succeed.

World-class cryptocurrency trading education

This is author's training program for trading cryptocurrencies. Overview of working trading strategies, methods and indicators. The course is suitable for those who want to consistently engage in trading in a plus.

Cryptocurrency Investment Course

Go from beginner to advance in crypto investment and gain financial freedom! You will be able to learn the skills necessary for cryptocurrency investing and secure a decent life for yourself, despite any economic collapse.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

The course will teach you to buy different coins, transfer them and secure them on different wallets. Learn everything you need about Crypto: from the Blockchain to Crypto investing strategies! Become a pro!

Cryptocurrency 101

This is a good introduction to understanding the basics of cryptocurrencies and how you can manage them. It introduces you with tools that will help in the crypto buying, selling and trading. So far it is only a basic course.

Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing For beginners.

A simple way to understand the Crypto markets. Learn how to use cryptocurrency exchanges and safely secure your coins. No previous trading experience needed. Open mind to understand the key concepts is all you need.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Essentials

Learn everything about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Trading, Mining, ICO, Altcoins, DAO, Investing, etc. You'll learn what cryptocurrencies are, how to use blockchain and gain needed finance skills to make profits.

Complete practical course on crypto trading

Start your way in the cryptocurrency trading world with this practical course. You will be able to trade on different cryptocurrencies trading platforms and spot different cryptocurrencies that are scams.

Smart Cryptocurrency Investor

The course will cover Cryptocurrency value investing, crypto trading, buying, selling and finding best altcoin, ICO, blockchain beyond Bitcoin & Ethereum. You will learn how to find best long-term cryptocurrency investment in 2022.

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